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Terms and Conditions

Car, deposit and extra is paid om pick-up date. (Card/cash is accepted)

Deposit is returned on drop-off date.

Renter have the option to include/exclude Self-insurance (120 DKK per day)

The insurance does not cover:

•If the car is used for illegal activities.

•If the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

•Any damage to the interior of the car, e.g. seats, mats, etc.

•Speeding or parking tickets, toll roads, etc.

•Damages to the clutch caused by inappropriate use of manual transmission.

•If wrong fuel is added to the car.

•If car keys get lost.

•Damages to the bottom of the car, caused by driving on bad roads.

•Medical/hospital charges/bills in case of injury.

•Towing the car, if the car has gone off the road.

Damage charges: 5.000 DKK will be charged for each damage on date of return if Self-insurance is excluded in the rental agreement.

1.500 DKK will be charged for damage on date of return if Self-insurance is included in the rental agreement. Renter will have to pay for unpaid-for subsea tunnel trips, if car is returned without a full tank, parking tickets etc. on date of return.

Accident: If the renter or additional driver is not responsible for the accident, a written confirmation from the counter-part must be obtained and submitted. All material damages must be reported to the police, phone (+298) 35 14 48. You are also oblige, to notify us immediately about the accident/damage under the number (+298) 55 11 33

You are welcome to call us and ask if it is possible for you to have the car longer than stated in the agreement.

If the car is not delivered at the time agreed, renter may have to pay for this, if you do not call us beforehand to let us know that you will be delayed.

Fuel-tank is full when you get the car, and we expect a full tank when you return it. (Fill up cost + 300 DKK will be charged out of deposit if not full)

Waste, food etc. shall not be left in the car. The car shall not be covered in dirt. If the car is delivered extremely dirty, we will charge a fee from the deposit for taking extra time cleaning the car.

Smoking is strictly forbidden

The renter is responsible for the rental car and is not permitted to allow any other person to drive the vehicle, except for those authorized and listed in the rental agreement.

The renter have the opportunity to inspect the vehicle before the renting term begins and confirm that it is in good operable condition.

The renter will be held accountable, for any damages or cleaning fees sustained while renting the car.

The renter agrees to release FaroeRental (Sp/f Tatink) from any damages, injuries, illegal activities, property loss, or death caused while renting the car and forever after.

Reservation is not valid until you have received a confirmation email. The confirmation e-mail is your receipt. All prices are in Danish kroner (DKK) and Faroese sales tax (MVG) is included.